Erasmusindocs 2013

Erasmusindocs 2013

The proposal of the festival was accepted in mid April. It developed well in the process. Adapting various situations in every part of the event must be taken examples;

to select participants for each of training programs for overloaded applicants, adding 2 more Campus Visit, deciding on the pre-opening festival with ‘Trashed’, adding 1 more master class became 3, inviting a director in attendance (Poland), inserting an activity for ‘Working Class Heroes’, hiring rain stopper man and including a fun activity titled ‘Network Area - Movie Quiz’. Involvement of sponsors has made the festival more than proper. All the changes have added importance to the PR of the whole festival and values to the meeting objective of the program that is to provide platform for which Indonesian filmmakers to compete and to see and learn from best International films from around the world.

Project Gallery

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  • Press Conference - Call for Entry - May
  • Development Training in 5 Cities (Medan, Yogyakarta, Denpasar, Ambon, Jayapura) - June until July
  • Campus Visit - Screening and Discussion - August until October
  • Press Conference - Announcement - October
  • First Selection - October
  • Final Selection - November
  • Master Classes - November
  • Pre-opening - 11 November with ‘Trashed’
  • Opening - 12 November with ‘Chasing Ice’
  • Award Night - with 3 winning documentaries and ’20 Feet From Stardom’
  • Erasmusindocs @FFD 2013, in Yogyakarta


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